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Smartphone Ban

So a federal law is about to go into effect and it has far reaching effects. As a part of the DMCA, it will be illegal to unlock your smartphone without your carrier’s consent. If you do so, you, as a first-time offender, could face a $500,000 fine and/or up to 5 years in jail…for unlocking the smartphone you already own. This is, quite possibly, the stupidest law of which I have heard.

Please sign the White House petition to put a stop to the stupidity and greed of corporate America. I did. My signature number is #36,923. Good luck and thank you!

Make Unlocking Cell Phones Legal via whitehouse.gov

Current Thought – 07.11.10

I finally got a new phone! After so much time, I entered into the smartphone community. Furthermore, I said no to the cult of Apple and yes to the family of Android. I have only had it for about 36 hours, but my HTC Incredible does everything I command. It has a few idiosyncrasies that perplex me, though the OS is more polished than any other open source software I have used. Also, this handset is so freaking fast. Not fast that you notice it; but rather fast that you are stuck doing nothing because everything you wanted to do is already done. That is the measure of a good phone. When it dovetails with your life as opposed to insisting upon itself. HTC Incredible on Verizon. That is all.