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In Defense of Google+

Mr. Jingles
This is Mr. Jingles. He is the G+ mascot…seriously. Here, he is happy that I viewed all of my notifications and even more happy that today is G+’s 2nd Birthday!

Facebook sucks. Twitter is too restrictive. LinkedIn is a bunch of bovine feces. It would seem that the only reason we use so many social networks is because each of them cannot be all things to all people. That being said, the only network that, for me, has the most going for it is Google+. If you have a Google account (Gmail, Youtube, Drive, etc.) I would suggest that you try it out. The interface is fresh, clean, and novel. Coming from the previously mentioned social sites, you have to take a minute to reorient your brain from a vertical perusing style to a more fluid approach. Also, this interface highlights activity from your actual meatspace friends.

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Listen up, Facebook Readers!

Readers on Facebook, listen up! I understand that certain notes seem to get cut off. That is because the app I use to copy my blog to Facebook truncates every note. To view the full post, click the name of the note, then click “View Original Post” at the bottom of the note. Then you will be able read every word and examine every picture. I hope this will clear up any confusion going forward. Thanks!

First Post

So this is my first post. I have done the whole blog thing before (gzap.blogspot.com) but that was for a class. Also the content of that blog was not really on my terms. I should hope my subsequent digital ramblings will find an audience out there in “The Internets.” At the very least, getting these thoughts onto some medium will provide me with some solace. So enjoy the upcoming notions and comment at will!