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NYC Etiquette

People unfamiliar with how society in NYC operates believe that there is no etiquette within the city limits. That cannot be further from the truth. There is an unspoken way to properly interact with the cityscape itself and the people that inhabit it. My friend Josh of QuePasaCabarete shared this piece from Nathan Pyle. He has decided to illustrate a lot of these unspoken rules. Nathan also has a book full of these tips and etiquette when in NYC. You really need to check it out and hopefully, you will learn something.

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette via WiseBread

Perhaps Money is the Root of All Evil

I just read this article and it addresses some very interesting aspects of societal life. It specifically speaks to the behavioral role of wealth in everyday people. It explains that through certain experiments, they were able to prove that the richer a person viewed him/herself to be, the more unethical they behaved. Interesting indeed. Give it a read, be you poor, rich, or trying to get rich.

Greed Isn’t Good: Wealth Can Make People UnethicalGizmodo.com

Get Real

As you may know from an earlier post, I am quite a fan of craft beer. So when I discovered a Get Real event featuring the best craft beers expertly paired with artisanal dishes from NYC bars, I was unable to pass it up. I tried to get a friend or two to come with me but apparently not one friend I asked wanted or could come. I thought about calling the whole thing off. However, I had already purchased my VIP pass and decided that I was going to have fun regardless of my lack of company.

Soon after I arrived at 404, I happily discovered that I was right. Continue reading Get Real

Come On Irene – Post Hurricane

Come On Irene

Hurricane Irene, the ninth cyclonic maritime storm to be identified and tracked this year in the U.S., had made landfall late last week. It has since bounced back out into the Atlantic Ocean and garnered a new trajectory, NYC. Before she hit the area early yesterday morning, various computer models and many a dolled-up meteorologist warned the public without inciting panic. These well-calculated and timely reports transformed Irene from a bloated and uncontrollable monster into a manageable pain-in-the-arse. Continue reading Come On Irene – Post Hurricane