Beatboxing is not for everybody. At one point in my life, I thought I could do it. While I still have some rudimentary sounds down, the entire discipline still escapes me. If you’re like me, then you will love this site (I discovered it via Felicia Day’s funny video series, The Flog). It gives you the ability to command a chorus of digital beatboxing peeps. Check out my composition below and tell me what you think! Also, make your own and share the links. I am interested in what you can do. Enjoy!

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Personal Thoughts: An Ode to a Star

An ode to you, River Turtle.

The star whose shine pierces cloud and thought,
has discovered someone who you’ve clearly caught
in quite the time of deep reflection,
wondering if there is perhaps some affection
for the way that this man’s method is surely madness,
or perhaps just an expression of an unknown sadness. Continue reading Personal Thoughts: An Ode to a Star


The explosion in Chelsea, NYC

I want to start this off by wishing the two construction workers a full and speedy recovery from the explosion that rocked Chelsea and the Meatpacking District in NYC earlier today. As part of the dismantling and demolition process of a gasoline station, workers started to remove the underground storage tanks. At around 10:30 AM EDT, one of those tanks exploded. The shockwave was felt by the residents of the surrounding buildings and was heard by those a mile or so away. Two of the construction workers are reported to have serious injuries and have been rushed to area hospitals.

I was in one of those surrounding buildings and was able to grab some pictures of the aftermath. In the accompanying pictures, you should see a hole in the ground, near where the Highline park bends, that was not there before. FDNY and NYPD closed off the Highline park over the affected area, blocked off the 10th Avenue exit from the West Side Highway, and had recently reopened pedestrian traffic in a limited fashion. Again, I wish the two workers the very best on their road to recovery.

Perhaps Money is the Root of All Evil

I just read this article and it addresses some very interesting aspects of societal life. It specifically speaks to the behavioral role of wealth in everyday people. It explains that through certain experiments, they were able to prove that the richer a person viewed him/herself to be, the more unethical they behaved. Interesting indeed. Give it a read, be you poor, rich, or trying to get rich.

Greed Isn’t Good: Wealth Can Make People

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