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In Defense of Google+

Mr. Jingles
This is Mr. Jingles. He is the G+ mascot…seriously. Here, he is happy that I viewed all of my notifications and even more happy that today is G+’s 2nd Birthday!

Facebook sucks. Twitter is too restrictive. LinkedIn is a bunch of bovine feces. It would seem that the only reason we use so many social networks is because each of them cannot be all things to all people. That being said, the only network that, for me, has the most going for it is Google+. If you have a Google account (Gmail, Youtube, Drive, etc.) I would suggest that you try it out. The interface is fresh, clean, and novel. Coming from the previously mentioned social sites, you have to take a minute to reorient your brain from a vertical perusing style to a more fluid approach. Also, this interface highlights activity from your actual meatspace friends.

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The explosion in Chelsea, NYC

I want to start this off by wishing the two construction workers a full and speedy recovery from the explosion that rocked Chelsea and the Meatpacking District in NYC earlier today. As part of the dismantling and demolition process of a gasoline station, workers started to remove the underground storage tanks. At around 10:30 AM EDT, one of those tanks exploded. The shockwave was felt by the residents of the surrounding buildings and was heard by those a mile or so away. Two of the construction workers are reported to have serious injuries and have been rushed to area hospitals.

I was in one of those surrounding buildings and was able to grab some pictures of the aftermath. In the accompanying pictures, you should see a hole in the ground, near where the Highline park bends, that was not there before. FDNY and NYPD closed off the Highline park over the affected area, blocked off the 10th Avenue exit from the West Side Highway, and had recently reopened pedestrian traffic in a limited fashion. Again, I wish the two workers the very best on their road to recovery.

They just keep getting bigger (Pictures)!!

Recently, I was able to pay visits to both of my nephews, Nathan and Zachary. My sister and brother-in-law were attending a wedding at Cornell University and needed a babysitter. So I drove up and took care of Nathan that night. A week later, my brother and sister-in-law invited me to go pumpkin picking with Zachary. It rained the whole time, so we stayed inside most of the time and played. Here are the pictures from those weekends. Continue reading They just keep getting bigger (Pictures)!!

Nephew Update (Pictures!)

Nathan at 3 months
Nathan at 3 months

So I know it has been a while since we last saw my nephew Nathan. But recently I was able to visit the happy family in Pittsburgh and take plenty of pictures. As you will see soon, his head has rounded out a bit and he has crazy huge eyes. This kid is criminally cute. Later in life, the ladies will not have a chance and the men will be jealous. Click the cuteness to the right and enjoy! Don’t forget to comment!

My Next Nephew

Nathan Rocco
Nathan Rocco

Last week, my sister gave birth to this guy; her first child. It. Was. Tough. To give you an idea without going into specifics, her body is now a war zone. She naturally gave birth to a 10 pound 10 ounce, 22 inch long, blond haired blue eyed boy; and good grief, he is a screamer. Just like his mother. His name is Nathan Rocco and other traits he exhibits include, but not limited to, a huge mouth, large feet, and hands that match his almost 3 month old cousin.     Continue reading My Next Nephew